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2 December 2023 Aus

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The three i’s

Peter Dutton has committed his party to a return to government at the next election. This development is welcome. The…

Australian Features

Features Australia

Elite universities loathe us

Our centres of higher learning can’t stand mainstream Australian values

Features Australia

Saving capitalism

Let’s do it for the young ‘uns

Features Australia

United Nations of hypocrites

Their shameful silence on Jewish women raped and murdered

Features Australia

Woke anti-Semites

‘Progressive’ elites are fuelling an ancient hatred

Features Australia

EV speed bump

Conspicuous conservation effect runs dry


More from Books

A choice of this year’s gift books

Sporting trivia, the language of cats and the comic genius of Barry Cryer feature among the best of the year’s stocking-fillers

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Britney Spears is back with a vengeance

After years of abuse and being reduced to the status of child-robot, the singer is back on track with soaring album sales and a smash-hit memoir

More from Books

What would life on Mars actually look like?

It would need more than 100 million people to make it viable for a start – living in airlocked, subterranean bases, producing food and oxygen in artificially-lit greenhouses

More from Books

A history of the onion leaves one crying for more

Mark Kurlansky’s treatment of a vegetable which was domesticated at least 7,000 years ago and on which the world’s cuisines depend feels rushed and inadequate

More from Books

How sport helped shape the British character

David Horspool connects different sports to our historical experience: cricket with class, golf with property rights, tennis with female emancipation and boxing with ethnicity

More from Books

When atonal music was original and exciting

Alexander Goehr, the sole survivor of the radical Manchester School of Music in the 1960s, describes turning pre-war European tradition into British cutting edge

Lead book review

The British Empire’s latest crime – to have ended the Enlightenment

Richard Whatmore sees trade and colonisation in the 19th century as the great threat to Enlightenment ideals, and British imperialism as an unremitting force of darkness